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EVJCC to Honor Volunteers at Annual Meeting

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As a nonprofit organization serving well over 500 families and countless community members a year through our NAEYC-accredited preschool, our summer camp programs, cultural events and more, we rely on the support of volunteers. Every year, we honor our volunteers at our Annual Meeting, this year slated for next Tuesday, June 19, 5:30 p.m. at the East Valley JCC. Our entire community is invited, so please RSVP here if you’d like to come!
This year we honor the following individuals and businesses for specific efforts resulting in a truly successful, memorable year.
Thank you, especially from our kids, for your hard work for the JCC in 2011-12!
Anne Frank sponsors

Anne Frank committee
1. Meta Rosen & Leah Powell, Co-Chairs
2. Laura Burpee Austin
3. Keelan Bodow
4. Richard Brzuchalski
5. Bev Byrd
6. David DeCero
7. Michael Gricunas
8. Kim Klett
9. Jim Phipps
10. Jane Poston
11. Linda Rickel
12. Michael Rumpletin
Events of the year
1. Anne Frank Law & Judicial Event, Keelan Bodow & Rick Brzuchalski
2. Law Enforcement Training, Assistant Chief Dave Neuman & Bill Straus
3. Anne Frank Teachers Evening, Kim Klett & Ed Hermanski
Committee of the Year

Museum Communications Committee

1. Jane Poston, Chair
2. Scott Berchman
3. Regina Fischer
4. Craig Younger
JPAC – Parent Involvement Award
1. Jenny Barmach, chair
2. Crystal Lerner
3. Becca White
4. Dana Fredericks
Teacher of the Year
Laura Upton
Ilene Blau Staff Person of the Year
Sharon Bayer
Allen Benedict Board Member of the Year
Nancy Stutman
Sue Compher-Xavier Sponsor of the Year
Robert Morris, BLD/Cork
Friends of the JCC
1. Beth Archer
2. Chasse Building Team/Barry
3. Jim Phipps
4. Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation
Gail Dante, President
Rabbi Irwin Wiener
Doris Codkind
Sid Israel
Shirley Shalett
גמילות חסדים Gemilut Chasadim

Acts of Loving Kindness Recognition

Sonia Breslow
Irena Sendler Acts of Courage Recognition
1. Laura Burpee Austin
2. Bev Byrd
3. Linda Rickel
L’Dor v’Dor From Generation to Generation Award
1. Meta Rosen
2. Leah Powell
Fred Zeidman Community Service Award
Michael Rumpletin
משכמו ומעלה Mesichmo Vama’alah Special Recognition
1. Julee Landau
2. Andrew Mier, Swift Transportation
3. Commander Dale Walters

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